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The Property Database Ltd maps provide total colour coded cover across selected areas, at County, District and Ward level for example. These use Ward medians which are coded to show differentials between absolute or rate of change in prices over time. Where the number of wards in a chosen area are numerous, we band the wards into quantiles into which the Ward medians fit. An illustration of this for Wiltshire can be downloaded using the links below. This provides 25 categories and shades of colour from red at the highest or hottest to blue at the lowest.

Rather than identifying the individual wards ranked the quantiles mapped are variable price ranges that have a similar number of wards in each band. So the price difference within each band is variable. This is good for showing differences across the full range of prices, and also we consider produces the most balanced and attractive map. The data will allow you to identify the highest and lowest wards. The maps are provided with the associated data as an excel spread sheet.
PNG Image File - Wiltshire Map (PNG Image)
Excel File - Wiltshire Data (Excel Table)
The Property Database Ltd’s London Development Profiles provide an analysis of sales rates of new stock and subsequent resales within recently completed residential and mixed-use developments. The key output is £ per sq ft pieces achieved over time relating to detailed specification. They provide highly detailed analysis of the sales performance of any selected new residential development. Our database of HM Land Registry house price data has been analysed in relation to a variety of London schemes so that we have different types and locations of residential development.

London Development Profiles provide forensic evidence as to type and location of units that are performing best. They also produce indications as to the viability of future development, and produce excellent illustration of the rate of take up and prices achieved of recent developments for the purposes of marketing schemes about to come to the market.

The current coverage can be seen in the Excel spreadsheet, available for download below. There are now over 250 profiles completed. Clicking on the postcode for each building in the Building Summary table in the worksheet will link to Microsoft Virtual Earth to display a bird’s-eye view of the building and surrounding area. In order to view these, please make sure that you have an active Internet connection and have enabled macros. We provide either complete profiles or abstracts depending on requirement and budget.

Users of Google Earth can also download the KML file to view the location of the released profiles.
Excel File - Development Profile Coverage (Excel list)
Google Earth KMZ File - Development Profile Coverage (Google Earth locations)
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